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Some common questions :
1) How to find your hotel ?
-    the internet : a lot of hotels have their own website, while other websites have a hotel data base. A hotel in Leuven for example can easily be found through selecting some search criteria.
-    tourist offices : in our opinion, this is the best way to find a hotel available. Unfortunately a lot of people do not use this way in order to find their hotel.
-    travel agencies : have their own booking systems. Offices all over the world in every town and city
-    friends : what can be better than experiences in a city as Leuven from your relatives or people you know.
2) What is the difference between a private room or bed and breakfast and a hotel ?
The main difference is that hosts in a private accomodation welcome you as their best friends and in a hotel, visitors are welcomed in a more "business" way.

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